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Your Budget

We know that in some cases you are going to have a budget you have to work with. Budgets and negotiation are often part of the business world.

We would be more than happy to discuss your needs and your budget and try to work with you to a mutually acceptable solution. Send us your project details and we will be in touch.  To contact us

​​Please note, we are unable to accept projects in conflict with the Christian faith.  If uncertain, just contact us prior to beginning project.  No problem.​​

We are unable to sync to pre-recorded video, please edit my audio to match.  Thank you for your understanding.

GSR Productions has studios located on the "Gem in the Hills," in Clermont, Florida.  We are unique in that a portion of the proceeds from our VoiceOver work projects help support our ministry, God Stories Radio.  

If you need audio for video roll-ins at church, voicemail Greetings, Commercials or any audio related production, please contact Fritz, Producer at GodStoriesRadio@gmail.com subject line "GSR Productions," or call 1+ (407) 920-3883 and we will get your project started!


Slow Read = 100 words per min

Regular Read = 150 words per min

Fast Read = 200 words per min

Regular Reads

450 words = 3 mins

550 words = 4 mins

1,000 words = 8 mins

2,000 words = 15 mins

3,000 words = 20 mins

5,000 words = 30 mins

6,500 words = 45 mins

9,500 words = 60 mins

50,000 words = 5.5 hours

GSR Productions



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Here's what our clients are saying:

Great delivery! Very committed, with great communication skills. I'll be back.

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