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We would be more than happy to discuss your needs and your budget and try to work with you to a mutually acceptable solution. Send us your project details and we will be in touch.  To contact us please submit the form above.

​​Please note, we are unable to accept projects in conflict with the Christian faith.  If uncertain, just contact us prior to beginning project.  No problem.​​

We are unable to sync to pre-recorded video, please edit audio to match.  Thank you for your understanding.

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It could not have been easier. Done perfectly to the guidelines given. 100% happy. Tricia delivers great work, she listens and THINKS, and then goes on to give way more than you expect. I will be back.

​     ~ Julian Mather & Ken Kelly, Hosts of                   Magician Business, UK &  Australia

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Outstanding experience with you, you are the best.

     ~ Niz, Design Extraordinaire, India

Voice Overjoyed


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Great job and great work thank you.

     ~ Hassan Chaicha, Entrepreneur, Morocco

Very professional, offered a custom order for my specific needs. Delivered quickly and sounds great! Will definitely be ordering in the future.

     ~ K. Fudalla, Student